A noble order of mystic warriors who dedicate themselves to the balance of life and death, peace and passion. Utilizing the Orgon, a living energy field that permeates through space, time, matter and energy, the Magen learn the truth of anything they set their minds to and temporarily enhance their physical abilities. Some call them wizards, sages, and in some cases they are seen as bullies.

The preferred weapon of the Magen is the Spirit-Glaive. A weapon unique to each Magen. It is a melee weapon that appears to be a blade of light but is actually a focus of the wielder’s spirit and connection to the Orgon. They come in many shapes, sizes and designs from staves, polearms, swords and even a kind of cestus.

Members of the Magen are divided by their understanding of the Orgon as well as their ability to not use the Orgon to solve their problems.

Neophyte Orgon: 1D and acceptance into the Magen.
Acolyte Weave or Sense at 3D total
Chatra Weave and Sense minimum of 3D each.
Apprentice Total of 10D between the skills and acceptance of a Master.
Knight Total of 20D, completed trials and Council appointment.
OOC Note: The totals are based on adding the Orgon attribute to the skill dice. So a character with Orgon of 2D would need at least 1D in both Weave and Sense to be elevated to Chatra.

Other titles such as Templar, Justiciar, and Master exist as well as a few others based on the Knight’s preferred tasks.


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