Welcome to the universe.

In the universe of Mystic StarMechs, the galaxy in which everyone resides is at peace for the most part. There is some crime and conflict, but on the whole, the worlds within the Galactic Confederacy. Though there is economic and political competition, war is generally considered a thing of the past except within the Terradin Empire. The Magen are a kind of neutral third party, gifted guardians of peace and justice, using the Orgon to lead to the truth and mutually satisfactory agreements in disputes.

The Terradin Empire, the seat of humanity itself, is embroiled in a civil war. The loyal Eternal Children and the rebellious Empty Throne Society are battling over the rulership of the empire. The Eternal Children are dedicated to the preservation of their government led by the Child-like Empress Satine II. She has ruled through serial immortality for the past 2450 years, ritually dying at the onset of puberty to be placed in a clone body fast grown to roughly eight years of maturity. The Empty Throne seeks to give the empress a final death to allow one more in touch with the populace to lead.

On Deulos, centuries of technological stagnation have been turned around. The Dulein have begun amassing a fleet of hyperspace capable vessels without any sign of external guidance. The first encounter was when a mining vessel from Mallen Ore, Incorporated tried landing on Deulos and were fired upon by what the pilot called a, “giant space-amoeba.” Other such vessels arrived with the Dulein explaining they were indeed ships and that Deulos would defend itself. Since then, the Dulein vessels have been seen in various star systems, always of different shape and design. All scans suggest that the ships themselves are living beings. At this time, it is believed that all technology from Deulos are highly specialized members of the Dulein race.

Though expansionistic in the past, Crystallis has ceased its growth since the foundation of the Galactic Confederation. Instead, they have set up various levels of buffer zones within their borders. Each zone requires an ever growing trust and assimilation to the Crystallian society. Very few make it to the central zone, and those who do, regardless of their species, are so much like Crystallians, they might as well be the same race. By their own people, such “natives” are regarded as insane and not wholly alive.

The M’rrl’raran, are as ever, dedicated to their own pursuits. Those few who crave excitement outside of indulgence often find their way as mercenaries into the Terradin civil war. Other than that, the only real contact anyone has with M’rrl’rar is through trade and negotiations for their pharmaceutical wares, prostitution (M’rrl’raran slave girls being a particular commodity), and hallucinogenic baths.

Mystic StarMechs

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